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French sports champion Bixente Larralde faces legal action, after a video of him biting the head off a live rooster has gone viral. 

The basque pelota player has been branded as ‘cruel and sadistic’ by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, after announcing it would take Larralde to court for ‘pure violence against animals‘.

‘Punishable by law’

“We must absolutely highlight this because it is serious and punishable by the law,” Daniel Roposo from the BB Foundation said. 

“It’s always shocking and sickening in 2019 to see people killing animals for amusement. This man might be an example to young people – therefore we cannot let this act rest unpunished.

“Whether it was a boozy evening or not … animals are sensitive beings and there are laws that protect them. What he did is a criminal offence.”


According to the Sun, Larralde refused to comment to Basque news site Mediabask, with legal action pending – which could result in a £27,800 ($33,525) fine if found guilty. 

An online petition urging the French Pelota federation to fire Larralde has exceeded 11,000 signatures since the video has gone viral – with creators saying his actions go against the ‘sport’s values’.

You can sign the petition here 

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