Reading Time: 2 minutes 'Even if we can convince people to try one vegetarian meal per week without changing their overall diets, it will go a long way' Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A vegan boxer is teaming up with the online marketplace, Shop Veji, in order to promote the health benefits of a plant-based diet at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Quebec-born Tammara Thibeault is going for gold. And, she hopes her sports performances can be influential in encouraging more people to reduce their meat and dairy intake.

Vegan boxer

Thibeault says she is ‘proof you can get all the nutrients you need if you’re living plant-based’. 

The 24-year-old Canadian began cutting out meat three years ago. This led her to better health. Moreover, she says it’s better for the environment too.

She began boxing at nine. Since then, she’s gone on to collect medals at the 2019 World Championships and Lima Pan American Games.

‘My main focus is not the result. It’s to go there and perform well. The results will just come with it. It’s about being the best me I can be.

‘If I can excel in my sport and use my voice as a platform for other positive things, I’ll say I’ve done everything I set out to do’, says Thibeault.

Shop Veji partnership

The vegan athlete is passionate about reducing meat intaken whilst not forgoing dietary options.

As a result, she was drawn to partnering with Shop Veji – one of the world’s largest vegan marketplaces.

In a statement sent to PBN, Thibeault added: “I think it’s really positive that [Shop Veji] are making a difference by using technology to make healthier and more responsible food choices easily available wherever you are. 

“I’ll be working to help get the company’s name out there and show people there’s an easy way to have plant-based options in their diets. 

“It’s possible to have it all. My goal is to show people that they can still eat the dishes they love even if they switch to plant-based. You don’t have to eat rice broccoli and chicken every day to be healthy.”

Vegan boxer, Tammara Thibeault

“…Even if we can convince people to try one vegetarian meal per week without changing their overall diets, it will go a long way.”

The site’s CEO, Kory Zelickson said Thibeault’s commitment to making a difference is ‘truly inspiring’.

The Summer Olympics is set to take place in this July.

Despite the current plans, Japan is under fire over fears the event could cause a surge in COVID-19 cases.

You can visit Shop Veji here

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