Reading Time: 2 minutes The latest challenge is just one of more gruelling adventures planned, including climbing Mount Everest next year Credit: Supplied to Plant Based News
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kate Strong, a vegan athlete and entrepreneur, is attempting to beat a triple world record on a static bike in her latest sporting challenge.

The records she intends to smash are the farthest distances covered in one hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours. A world record for female cycling within the 24 hour period doesn’t currently exist.

Vegan athlete

At 42-years-old, the TEDx speaker and consultant only began sporting training in her early 30’s.

Despite this, within two years she was crowned long-distance triathlon world champion – all whilst on a vegan diet.

She credits her success to giving up animal products in 2012. Since removing dairy from her diet, she noticed she could run faster.

Additionally, the shortness of breath she suffered as a result of asthma had also improved.

Strong’s ‘big goal’

The vegan athlete is also a TEDx speaker and consultant

Inspiring women

In a statement to Plant Based News, Strong said: “I want to demonstrate just what women can do if they put their minds to it…

“Through these challenges, I want to set records that never existed before, in a field where female participation is stark in comparison to male.”

‘Every sporting performance I undertake, I do so with the intention of inspiring other women to realize their full potential and reach their goals’, she added.

Moreover, she is ‘constantly striving to redefine what society tells us is possible’.

World records

Within the triple goal, the female world records Strong needs to break are both currently held by Tina Ternjak. In order to beat them, she will need to cycle further than 35.3km in one hour, and 348km in 12 hours.

The challenge is taking place between May 26 and 27 in Bristol, where Kate lives.

Next year, more extreme sporting challenges are planned as she hopes to swim across the English Channel and climb Mount Everest.

To find out more about Kate Strong’s sporting challenges, you can visit her website here

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