Reading Time: < 1 minute The initiative is part of the club's partnership with meat-free giant Quorn Credit: Quorn
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Liverpool Football Club is urging its fans to take part in a new initiative called ‘meat-free matchdays’.

The move is part of the club’s partnership with Quorn, which aims to ‘foster greater food sustainability’.

Quorn says making the ‘quick swap’ to a meatless meal will help lower the club’s carbon footprint.

‘They feel better for it’

Players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson, and Xherdan Shaqir discuss the meat-free matchdays campaign in a recent video.

“The boys that I’ve spoken to that have reduced meat, they say they feel better for it,” Oxlade-Chamberlain said.

“Nat Phillips, remember when he had his ankle injury? He had [a] bad ankle, it was swollen all the time… And then he said when he went to Stuttgart on loan, he cut out meat completely.

“He went vegan for the first time, and his ankle was fine. [The] inflammation went.”

The trio also played a quiz, revealing the world’s farming of animals generates more greenhouse gas each year than all the world’s transportation combined.

Liverpool FC X Quorn

Last year, Quorn became Liverpool FC’s ‘official sustainable partner’.

The meat-free giant said it will ‘work with the club’s nutrition team to extend food options for the playing staff’ as well as increase the club’s vegetarian and vegan offerings for supporters.

“As a leading provider of sustainable meat-free products in the U.K., Quorn will be a key partner in the club’s sustainability efforts,” said Billy Hogan, Managing Director, and Chief Commercial Officer for Liverpool FC. 

“We look forward to providing a platform to help our fans, employees, and playing staff makes positive contributions to tackling climate change while at the same time considering their health and wellbeing.”

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