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Professional footballer Samuel Umtiti says he’s ‘never felt so good’ since going vegan.

Umtiti is a defender for FC Barcelona. He announced the changes to his diet in a recent interview with Canal Football Club*.

‘I feel a lot better’

He told the club he abstains from eating meat and fish, and also avoids pasta. Umtiti added that ‘vegetable proteins’ do him good, and that his body feels ‘a lot better’ since ditching animal products.

The footballer also says he has lost three kilograms of weight, adding: “I think it will make a big difference in my career… I have never felt so good physically. I have cut and gained muscle at the same time.”

Vegan footballers

Umtiti joins a plethora of high-profile footballers who have adopted a vegan diet such as Chris Smalling, Hector Bellerin, and Aaron Ñiguez Esclapez.

Ex-footballer and current President and co-owner of Inter Miami CF David Beckham has also discussed going meat-free in recent times.

Last month, Beckham showed off his vegan cooking skills to his 64.8 million Instagram followers. He shared images of a vegan casserole featuring greens, wholegrain mustard, broad beans, and homemade dumplings.

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*Umtiti’s interview was conducted in French. PBN has used quotes from a translated sports publication. You read the full interview here

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