Reading Time: < 1 minute Gabriel Medina says he feels good for 'helping the animals in some way' Credit: Instagram
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Gabriel Medina, a twice world-champion surfer from Brazil took to Instagram to encourage his 8.4 million followers to go vegan.

Posting a video on his Instagram stories, the 27-year-old sporting star said he went vegan after watching the documentary Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

‘Helping the animals’

He explained how shocking he found the film which features an animal on the way to the slaughterhouse

“She knew she going to die, she knew she was going to die and she tried to escape and like that and cry. (…) It was very sad to watch”, Medina said.

Since watching the documentary, Medina said he sees meat ‘not with meat but as an animal’ and feels good that he is ‘helping animals in some way’.

Animal-lover Gabriel Medina shares his views with millions of followers

Vegan documentaries

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? claims to ‘lift the veil on what’s really going on in our world by following the money upstream’. Since its inception, a slew of documentaries has followed from Cowspiracy to The Game Changers

This has encouraged more people to try a plant-based lifestyle.

Surfers going plant-based

Fellow vegan surfer Tia Blanco has spoken out about having increased clarity and energy from going vegan.

Another top surfer, Kelly Slater, won the World Surf League Championship a record number of times and reported having ‘much better digestion’ as a result.

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