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Plant Based News can reveal the top names speaking at the London premiere of its upcoming documentary Vegan 2019.

Tickets are now available for the film, which will premiere in central London at Leicester Square’s Prince Charles Cinema, on November 30.

The film will be followed by a Q&A featuring members of the PBN team as well as three special guests – filmmaker and photographer Jack Harries, filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, and entrepreneur and athlete Heather Mills.

Exciting line-up

“This film takes a deep dive into how and why plant-based diets are rising to prominence, looking at some of the most significant vegan moments from the year,” said Mitchell.

“As the environment has played a key role in the growing awareness around the importance of a plant-based food system, it’s really exciting to have environmental experts Jack Harries and Ali Tabrizi taking part in the post-screening Q&A.

“Our amazing line-up is completed by Heather Mills – a true vegan icon who has managed to conquer both the sports and business worlds powered entirely by plants.”

LA screening

Vegan 2019 will also premiere in Los Angeles on the same date.

Tickets are now available for the LA screening which will take place at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills on Saturday, November 30.

This year is the first time the annual film will be shown in a cinema outside of London.

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You can buy tickets for the screening here

Proceeds from the screening will be used to cover the cost of the event and support the work of Plant Based News.

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