Reading Time: < 1 minute Grylls has been slammed by Sir David Attenborough (Photo: Lwp Kommunikáció)
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Sir David Attenborough has critisized controversial star Bear Grylls for ‘killing animals just to make entertaining television’.

Contestants on Gryll’s recent show The Island with Bear Grylls slaughtered caiman crocodiles, pigs, and turkeys.

‘Never killed’

Sir David told The Sun newspaper that he has never killed an animal for his television show.

He added:” Bear Grylls will have to answer for himself.

“But I wouldn’t willingly kill an animal just to get a shot.”


Channel 4 – which broadcasted the series – had already released a statement in response to the controversy.

It said: “An important part of the series is to find out if the celebrities are capable of surviving alone and able to find sources of food, including hunting and killing for meat; a vital part of their survival as it’s a source of valuable calories and protein.

“The celebrities were trained in the humane capture and dispatch of live animals as part of their survival training and the adult caiman was killed humanely.”


But animal welfarists were still angered by the show

The RSPCA told The Mail on Sunday: “[We] oppose practices that cause animals pain, suffering or death in the name of entertainment. 

“It is unacceptable and could easily cause great distress to the animals.”

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