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An animal shelter in southern Indiana has been shut down after allegations that its staff froze kittens to death.

Spencer County Animal Shelter is officially closed and the facility’s Director, Christina Payne has been removed from her position.

The move was decided in a vote by the Spencer County Animal Control Board.

Insufficient evidence

An investigation was launched after former staff member Bridget Woodson reported that she had been told by Payne, a Spencer County Animal Control Officer, to put live kittens into a bag and freeze them.

Spencer County Prosecutor Daniel Wilkinson announced last month that, despite the closure, no criminal charges would be pressed as police didn’t find sufficient evidence of the alleged crimes.

‘Make things right’

Commenting on the board’s decision, Becky Robinson of cat advocacy group Alley Cat Allies told Courier & Press: “This is an opportunity for Spencer County to make things right for animals in its care, and many others are ready to help this shelter turn the corner and become a model operation.

“Closing the shelter immediately was the only way to ensure humane treatment for animals in the county.”

The shelter will remain closed until further notice. The animals have been moved to other local shelters.

Spencer County Animal Shelter has not answered calls from Plant Based News for comment.

Emily Court

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