Searches For ‘Vegan Bodybuilder’ Surge Following ‘The Game Changers’ Launch


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Patrik Baboumian - one of the world's strongest men - appears in the film (Photo: The Game Changers) - Media Credit:

Google searches for ‘vegan bodybuilders’ have surged following the release of sports documentary The  Game Changers.

The film, which ‘documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports’, is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by Oscar-winner James Cameron.

It follows mixed martial artists James Wilks (also a producer) as he learns about the power of a plant-based diet, interviewing top athletes who have ditched animal products, and conducting various experiments.

Vegan bodybuilders

The film, which became iTunes’ bestselling documentary of all time a week after its release on the platform, has been available to watch on Netflix since October 16.

Since then, UK Google searches for ‘vegan bodybuilders’ have surged, peaking between October 20-26.


According to vegan personal trainer Paul Kerton – aka Hench Herbivore – he has also seen a surge in people who are interested in plant-based fitness.

Kerton told Plant Based News that the number of people wanting to get fit on a plant-based regime is skyrocketing. “I have been DELUGED with nutrition and workout plan requests since The Game Changers came out,” he said. “It is having a MASSIVE impact.”

In addition, allplants, which delivers plant-based freshly cooked and frozen meals directly to people’s doorsteps, has not only seen a 66 percent increase in sales, but has received multiple enquiries from athletes and sports clubs with an interest in plant-based eating since the film’s launch.


Some believe the surging interest in plant-based fitness is partly down to the way the film has smashed some of the stigma around veganism and plant-based diets.

The Game Changers producer and star James Wilks told Plant Based News: “I think because of the stigma against veganism, there’s a lot of people we have spoken to who have had a hard time coming out about it – it’s almost like they are in the closet.

“We’ve had people – celebrities, famous musicians – saying ‘our whole band is plant-based and has been for years, but we don’t want to come out yet, but when your film comes out we’ll start telling people’.”

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