Scared Meat Industry Infiltrates Vegan Conference

Scared Meat Industry Infiltrates Vegan Conference


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Animal agriculture industries are terrified of the rising vegan movement - Media Credit:
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Animal agriculture media outlet Beef Central has reported on vegan activism strategies mentioned at a vegan conference last month.

In the audience was Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA), which aims to ‘expose those who threaten our nation’s food security with damaging misinformation’.

The alliance encourages people to take action against these ‘determined’ animal rights groups, who intend to ‘make our society vegan’.

‘Great concern’

Hosted by the Farm Animal Rights Movement, the conference’s vision was to end ‘all forms of human exploitation of animals’.

Nearly 2,000 individuals attended the event, including members of the animal agriculture.

AAA President CEO Kay Johnson Smith has commented that the speakers want to end ‘all forms of animal agriculture, regardless of how well animals are cared for’.

He added: “Their persistent focus on pressure campaigns targeting restaurant, retail and foodservice brands is of great concern to the Alliance and our members.”

“We encourage anyone with a vested interest in producing, processing or selling meat, poultry, eggs and dairy, to read this year’s report and hear how determined these groups are to eliminate food choices and make out society vegan.”


Beef Central highlighted six strategies of vegan activism mentioned at the conference, in a bid to demonstrate that they are absurd.

The media outlet featured methods including ‘Be as extreme as necessary’, ‘Harass retailers to stop selling animal products’ and ‘Putting blood drips on their logo’.


Comments on the article also bash the vegan movement.

One comment said: “[Vegans] have been raised in isolation from the real world with video games and social media [as] their reality, as their parents have neglected their responsibilites to ensure their children have a balanced upbringing.”

“When unproductive humans outnumber the humans that nourish them, it was always going to end badly.”

Another one mentioned: “Our agricultural bodies will have to work together and be able to refute inaccurate information.”


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