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The British tourist whose Twitter post of a vegan meal went viral for being so bad has told Plant Based News that accusations the post was a publicity stunt are ‘ridiculous’.

Gabbie Jarvis, who does not wish to comment further on the story, was caught in a media storm earlier this week when she posted a picture of her sister’s meal from Restaurant Bahai in Fuengirola on the Costa Del Sol on Twitter. 

She captioned it: “Out for tea and the restaurant claimed they catered for vegans, this was my sister’s amazing vegan meal.”

The picture, showing a plate of raw onions and tomatoes, was ‘liked’ more than 60,000 times on Twitter and shared by numerous media outlets.


But now The Telegraph newspaper has asked whether it was deliberately set-up to get attention.

The newspaper spoke to the restaurant Co-owner Ruben Gomez, who said: “We are not a vegan restaurant, we are a barbecue restaurant.

“We remember the customer and she ordered the dish from the menu – we thought it was funny because usually people order that as a side dish.”


An interview published in the Daily Mail before the restaurant owner went public shows the family bore no malice, with Gabbie’s sister Georgina saying she was ‘happy’ the restaurant accommodated her.

She added: “The tweet posted may make veganism look inaccessible, but in reality I normally have no issues eating out in restaurants, and normally have many options.”


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