Reading Time: < 1 minute Robbie Lockie is the co-founder of Plant Based News
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Plant Based News‘ co-founder Robbie Lockie appeared on the most recent episode of The Chickpeeps podcast, hosted by vegan actors Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis.

During the episode, the trio discussed a range of topics, including how PBN was founded, compassion fatigue, and what to do when you see people spreading misinformation about veganism online, among other issues.

Donald Trump

Another topic Lockie tackled was which public figure would hypothetically be the greatest asset for the vegan movement.

“I would love to say someone like Donald Trump,” said Lockie. “Only because he is the leader of an incredibly powerful country, and imagine if someone like him started pushing that kind of message.”

He added: “Trump would be a good candidate because he is the epitome of the egotistical, selfish, self-absorbed qualities of humanity. The ‘it’s all about me’ – which is being rewarded by our society because of social media. The ego we all possess, he is the embodiment of that.

“So imagine if we could transform someone like that into a caring, compassionate being, the world would be better.”

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