Reading Time: 2 minutes Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais wants to see a fur free Britain (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A host of celebrities have written to the UK Government asking it to ban the import of fur after Brexit.

30 high-profile names including Ricky Gervais, Sue Perkins, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Andy Murray, and Joanna Lumley signed a letter urging Prime Minister Theresa May to consider animal welfare.

It also says: “Animals who have suffered a lifetime in tiny barren cages, are often driven insane by neglect.”

‘Too cruel’

According to the letter: “The UK banned fur farming 17 years ago because it is cruel and unethical.

“But since then hundreds of millions of pounds of animal fur has been imported from countries such as Poland, the USA and China, where conditions continue to cause unspeakable suffering.

“This makes no sense; if fur is too cruel to produce in this country, it’s too cruel to sell in this country.”

Animal rights charity PETA has made many videos about fur


The letter – which is also signed by leaders of major animal charities including PETA and Viva! – points out that 69 percent of the British public supports a ban on the import and sale of animal fur in the UK.

It adds: “The fashion industry is also turning against fur, with top designers such as Gucci and Michael Kors dropping fur, and more and more high street stores across Britain going fur-free.”


According to a report by The Sunday Telegraph, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has considered the fur issue.

A source told the paper: “Michael has met a range of individuals and groups to discuss animal welfare and is determined we’ll improve welfare standards as we leave the EU.”

A number of MPs across parties support a ban on fur, including Conservatives Sir Roger Gale and Zac Goldsmith, Labour MP (and vegan) Kerry McCarthy, and Green Party Co-leader Caroline Lucas.

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