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Think and Grow Vegan is a handbook for anyone who is curious about a plant-based diet. 

The book itself is divided into easy to follow sections: Reduce, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan and Vegan. 

Each section is brimming with nutritional information, answers to questions you may have about plant-based living and also covers some ethical aspects of veganism. Each section ends with a summary so you can re-cap on the most important points, this is also great for reference if you are reading the book again.

About the author

Glen John Jones is a personal trainer based in South London, and as someone who works in the health and fitness industry, he is very passionate about the subject and this shows in his writing. 

Jones has extensive knowledge but is able to express it in a relatable way so the reader doesn’t feel intimidated by too much new information. He covers many different things that are important for new vegans to know, such as the importance of B12 and what to expect when you eat more fiber.

Jones discusses his own plant-based journey and outlines how he was once the type of person who would ‘carry around cooked chicken in tupperware’ for lunch. 

This gives the book a personal feel, again making the reader relate to the author. His style of writing is easy to follow and makes the book seem like the ultimate ‘go-to’ for any new vegan. It acts like a reference book, a manual and a chat with a friend, all in one.

The final section of the book, ‘What Now’, provides further encouragement for those new to veganism by mentioning the best documentaries to watch and tips for social media.

Must have

This book is a must-have for anyone considering switching to a plant-based diet and who has no idea where to begin. While there is lots of information online, to have it in a book format makes it more accessible for anyone, at any age and there’s no WIFI required. It would make a great gift if you know someone who needs a nudge in the right direction and it doesn’t come across at all preachy, so even those who aren’t open minded will still be intrigued

For those of you who are vegan veterans, it is still a very good read if you are looking to brush up on some nutritional information and read about someone else’s plant-based journey, making this little book a must-have for absolutely anyone’s coffee table.

Think and Grow Vegan is available now at good bookstores and online. You can find out more here

DISCLAIMER: This review reflects the author’s opinions and not necessarily those of Plant Based News. This is not a paid-for review. PBN was sent a press sample of the book.

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