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Spanish vegan meat brand Heura Foods is joining calls to urge UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to address climate change efforts.

The company, which produces plant-based chicken and beef alternatives, is championing meatless diets in light of the climate crisis.

Heura Foods

‘The UK government are supposed leaders in climate change policy, yet, climate strategies continually fail to mention the importance of diet’, the brand claims.

Moreover, this is ‘despite many evidence-based reports citing the environmental benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. What we eat has a ‘significant impact’ on global warming, the brand adds, and politicians are ‘willfully ignoring’ it.

As a result, Heura Foods launched a petition and accompanying video demanding world leaders to support meat-free diets. 

This came after the release of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report last month. Dubbed ‘devastating’, its findings predicted irreversible climate change symptoms without urgent intervention.

Echoing the report, the Spanish vegan meat brand added: “We are facing some of the gravest threats in human history.”

Heura Foods unveiled a video to help with support for the petition

Climate change calls

More specifically, the company wants the UK government to ensure plant-based food is available at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) later this year.

For 2021, the annual summit will be hosted by the UK and held in Glasgow. Additionally, the summit outlines requirements for attending parties to meet Paris Agreement targets.

And, it’s come after Boris Johnson vowed to slash greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by more than two-thirds.

Branded ‘ambitious’, they’re to set the country on course to hit ‘net zero by 2050’. However, many are urging the PM to ‘lead the way’ in fighting climate change by adopting a plant-based diet himself.

COP26 urged to go plant-based

It’s not the first time global leaders have been urged to recommend plant-based diets. Nor is it the first time people are petitioning for COP26 to offer plant-based diets.

Another online petition is calling for the event, to hire vegan caterers so that the UK can ‘set a global example’.

Additionally, acclaimed Scottish actor Alan Cumming penned a letter to COP26 President Alok Sharma insisting on a vegan-only menu.

He stated: “If the goal of the COP26 summit is to protect the planet – as well as promote compassionate, responsible behavior – animal-derived foods have no place on the menu.”

You can sign the petition here

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