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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has announced schools in New York must go further than banning processed meat

The politician, and author of Healthy at Last, made the comment in the latest episode of the PBN Podcast. 

‘So important’

Speaking about his campaigns, Adams said: “I’m extremely proud of the success around banning processed meat from our schools. That’s so important. We need to go further.

“I’m proud that we were able to institute what was called Meatless Mondays in many of our schools [and] in our correctional facilities.

“It gives inmates alternatives to healthy meals they can choose from – and our hospitals have got on board.”

Adams also talked about how the government is pushing for children to learn about urban farming so they ‘can grow food in their schools and learn how to eat healthy food’.

Eric Adams is the latest to feature on the Plant Based News Podcast

Processed meat ban

Last year, New York’s City Council recently passed Resolution 238, calling upon the Department of Education to ban processed meats in public schools. 

The legislation was first introduced back in 2018, put forward by Eric Adams and Council Member Fernando Cabrera.

It cites research from the World Health Organization which classified processed meats as a Group One carcinogen. This includes foods such as salami, bacon, and hot dogs,

“We cannot continue feeding our children substances that are scientifically proven to increase their chances of cancer,” Adams said.

“We must feed our kids nutritious meals that will nourish their bodies and help them perform better academically. Kids want to be healthy and strong, so let’s help them get there by feeding them healthy meals.”

You can listen to the full podcast here

*This article was updated on October 26 to change Adam’s title from Senator to Brooklyn Borough President

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