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Politician and member of the European Parliament Sylwia Spurek says investing in a plant-based future is ‘the only way forward’.

Spurek made the comment on Twitter, after sharing a petition against the ‘dairy ban‘. 

‘Tackle the climate crisis’

She wrote: “Investing in a plant-based future is the only way forward. 

“To tackle the climate crisis and safeguard animal rights and human health the EU must support this process, not impede it! 

“Consumers want more plant-based products. We can’t and shouldn’t delay necessary changes.”

The petition against Amendment 171 has garnered more than 114,000 signatures

Dairy ban

The petition to reject Amendment 171, aka the dairy ban, has garnered more than 114,000 signatures. 

If adopted, the amendment would prohibit descriptors such as ‘yogurt-style’ and ‘cheese-alternative’. In addition, the legislation could prevent companies from using packaging styles such as butter blocks and milk cartons.

At this time, EU law already bans the use of terms including ‘almond milk’ or ‘vegan cheese’. 

‘Plant-based censorship’

“We want you to put a halt to plant-based dairy censorship,” the petition reads.

Please reject amendment 171. If adopted, it would totally counteract the consumer shift to more sustainable eating habits that’s urgently needed to fight climate change.

“Dairy terms are already protected by law. Amendment 171 would go further and censor all use of dairy-related language, packaging, or imagery for plant-based foods.”

You can sign the petition here

Liam Giliver

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