US Senator Cory Booker Says Factory Farming Ban Should Be ‘High On The Agenda’

'These cramped warehouses of livestock are breeding grounds for infectious disease. Ending factory farming can help prevent future pandemics'


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Cory Booker wants to ban factory farming 'Phasing out factory farming should be high on the agenda' - Media Credit: Gage Skidmore

US Senator Cory Booker says ending factory farming should be ‘high on the agenda’.

The politician regularly uses his platform to advocate a more ethical way of living. In 2018, he introduced a bill that would try and curb experiments on monkeys.

‘Prevent future pademics’

“As we strive to recover and rebuild, phasing out factory farming should be high on the agenda,” Booker tweeted.

“These cramped warehouses of livestock are breeding grounds for infectious disease.”

He also told his followers: “Ending the cruel practice of factory farming can help prevent future pandemics.”

‘Ending the cruel practice of factory farming can help prevent future pandemics’

Factory farming ban

Last year, fellow politican Senator Elizabeth Warren announced she is co-sponsoring Booker’s bill to ban factory farming by 2040.

Under the Farm System Reform Act, new factory farms – also known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) – would be stopped from opening and existing large facilities would be phased out by 2040.

Farmers running small and medium scale CAFOs would be offered voluntary buyouts, but not prohibited under the bill, which is also being co-sponsored by Representative Ro Khanna.

Big Ag

In a statement, Warren said: “For years, regulators looked the other way while giant multinational corporations crushed competition in the agriculture sector and seized control over key markets.

“COVID-19 will make it easier for Big Ag to get even bigger. [To] gobble up smaller farms, and lead to fewer choices for consumers.”

Warren also said the system needs to give workers, farmers, and consumers ‘bargaining power in our food system’.

She then added: “I’m glad to partner with Senator Booker and Representative Khanna to start reversing the hyper-concentration in our farm economy.”

Is Cory Booker vegan?

According to multiple reports, Booker does follow a vegan lifestyle. The politician first started cutting animal products out of his diet back in 1992.

He told VegNews: “I tried to experiment with his vegetarian diet and see how I felt. My body just took off: like somebody lifted off a twenty-pound weighted vest.

“My sleep patterns got better, I felt more energy, better recovery after workouts. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I will never go back to eating meat.”

Moreover, in a speech at VegFest, Booker said: “The vegan consciousness is growing in our country.

“All those people, regardless of your diet, are conscious of the environment. [They’re] conscious of justice for animals, against cruelty to animals, conscious of their health.”

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