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Vegan food trends have made an impact on the mainstream media once more, with Condé Nast Traveller magazine’s homage to vegan meat.

In a piece called Vegan Meat That Actually Tastes Like Meat, writer Tabitha Joyce praises some of the world’s leading seitan specialists.


She writes: “First there was tofu, then tempeh. 

“Now seitan, made from wheat gluten, is the plant-based protein on everyone’s tongue. Finally, vegans can get stuck into as many dirty burgers and fried chicken as they like.”

UK outlets

Joyce highlights a number of outlets as worthy of note: London’s ‘vegan fried chicken shop’ Temple of Hackney is one.

She writes: “Brand new to London this year is Temple of Hackney, a ‘vegan chicken shop’ which, come rain or shine, draws long queues for the deep-fried popcorn chicken and protein-stacked burgers.”

Up in Scotland, she singles out Sgaia for praise, saying it ‘sells pastrami and ‘rare’ roast beef, also made from seitan’.

North America

“Across the pond, Kickstarter-funded Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis displays a cold case of ribs, jerky, pepperoni, bologna and Italian sausage – all made from seitan,” Joyce writes.

She also names Chicago’s Upton’s Breakroom and California’s The Butcher’s Son.

Joyce adds: “Over in Toronto, YamChops has ‘no-pork pulled pork’ and ‘tuna-less tuna steaks’. Styled on the classic New York deli, Monk’s Meats in Brooklyn deals in seitan steaks and shiitake bacon.”


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