Reading Time: 2 minutes The flag represents the elements of veganism
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A team of designers have created a ‘vegan flag’ – a symbol to represent the global plant-based community.

The flag was created by professional senior designer Gad Hakimi, who was assisted by a team of activists and fellow designers.

Speaking to Tivonews, Hakimi said: “I wanted to give from myself and my abilities to promote veganism. I have created a vegan superhero comic. The one thing I lacked was a flag, which will guide the character, his identity and his colours. 

“I have searched the web for a flag and found nothing, besides a few sketches which were designed unprofessionally and were not promoted. 

“They didn’t follow the basic rules of creating a flag. I then decided to design a flag by myself, like rainbow flag of the LGBT movement. The flag will be identified with all vegans.”

The design

According to the team the flag, which is made from three triangles that form a v shape in their inner space, is divided into a grid of five by five as agreed upon in the design of country flags.

They says: “As vegans it is our duty to protect all the animals wherever they are: land, sea and air. 

“We chose the colours that represents these values: “White-light, goodness, success, beginning. Green-land, life, nature, energy, harmony. Blue- sky, sea, faith, truth, heaven.”

The future

Hakimi says he believes the flag will catch mainstream attention. 

He said: “Many friends have helped to spread it and make connections in the right places: promote it on Google, contact all the flag vendors online and so on.”

The flag is open source – everyone is free to use it, print it and sell it.


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