Reading Time: 2 minutes The athlete tried to save an injured baby bird (Photo: YouTube/Wimbledon)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Plant-based athlete Novak Djokovic had more than tennis on his mind during this year’s Wimbledon tournament.

The World Number One, who earned his fifth Wimbledon title after a grueling five-set match against Roger Federer yesterday, revealed earlier in the week how he had been caring for an injured baby bird found in the ­garden of his rented house.

‘Fatal injuries’

Despite the player’s best efforts, the bird didn’t recover. “Unfortunately, she passed away this morning,” Djokovic told The Telegraph.

“We called the rescue mission and they said they were going to come the next morning and, unfortunately, she didn’t survive the night. She had some fatal injuries, so it was a sad end.”

Djokovic talks about eating plant-based

Plant-based athlete

Djokovic publicly spoke out about his plant-based diet at a post-match conference just days ago, crediting it for his faster recovery times, and explaining why he doesn’t like to be called vegan.

“I don’t like the labels, to be honest. I do eat plant-based (food), for quite a few years already,” he said. “But because of the misinterpretations of labels and misuse of labels, I just don’t like that kind of name.

“I do eat plant-based. I think that’s one of the reasons why I recover well. I don’t have allergies that I used to have any more. And I like it.”

The trailer for The Game Changers

The Game Changers

The five-time Wimbledon Champion also spoke about his role as one of the executive producers on upcoming documentary The Game Changers, which ‘documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports’.

The film will premiere on September 16, screening in more than 1,000 theaters around the world.

“It is about how this diet affects the world, not just personal health, but also sustainability, ecology, animals,” Djokovic revealed. “This is what I care about so I’m really privileged to be part of that team.”

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