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An award-winning plant-based documentary creating awareness about the whole food, plant-based diet is now available to watch on Plant Based News’ YoutTube channel.

H.O.P.E (which stands for Healing Of Planet Earth) What You Eat Matters – features Austrian author and filmmaker Nina Messinger, as she goes on a journey through Europe, India and the US to investigate the consequences of our diet.

A number of experts were interviewed for the documentary, including Dr. Jane Goodall, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, surgeon, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., and psychologist Melanie Joy, PhD.

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The film examines the consequence the typical Western diet is having on animals, the planet, and human health.

Filmmaker Nina Messinger says: “The film’s deeply distressing images and moving stories make a clear case for a plant-based diet that is not just a short-lived lifestyle trend but provides a solution for preserving our entire world.

“The movie serves up a stunningly simple, yet comprehensive solution – right on our plates. Changing our eating habits will rebalance not just our health, but the planet itself.”

You canwatch the movie on YouTube here

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