Reading Time: < 1 minute The tweet may be hinting to a 'beef' with wide receiver Bryant (Photo: Twitter)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Pittsburgh Steelers American football team’s linebacker Vincenzo Williams has announced on Twitter that the entire team is vegan.

Taking to social media, Williams wrote: “Steelers don’t do beef, we’re vegan.”

The tweet has led to some commentators claiming the team has followed in the footsteps of several top sports stars, including Lewis Hamilton and Kyrie Irving, who have ditched the animal products this year.


But others have speculated that the tweet was simply a tongue in cheek barb.

According to media outlet All22, the proclamation may be directed to wide receiver Martavis Bryant, who has ‘beef’ with the linebacker.

Twitter user S_dotLove replied to the tweet: “Swear you’re the most comedic Steeler,” while PGH_Sports8 alluded at the ‘beef’, saying: “Except for Martavis Bryant.”

PBN will be keeping an eye on the team’s social media accounts for more evidence…


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