Reading Time: < 1 minute Khaled is a well-known vegan advocate (Image: Plant Based News)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Vegan and philanthropist Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal took a public stand against animal agriculture this week.

The Saudi Prince spoke on the topic from both an environmental and animal welfare perspective at the CEO Middle East Awards in Dubai, reports Arabian Business.

There, he urged the audience to consider the impact of meat, fish, and dairy – which he described as ‘the root of all evil’.


Delving further into animal welfare, he said: “Please choose compassion over taste.

“We are all responsible for ending needless and unimaginable suffering that animals go through that directly affects our health and the world we live.

“Just remember one thing: peace starts at the table.”

Global warming

Khaled also said that it is animal agriculture, not clean energy or the transport sector, that should be the focus of environmentalists.

He said: “The number one contributor to global warming is factory farming.

“Greenhouse gases from animal agriculture contributes more to global warming than all the auto industry put together.”


Well known for his vegan ethics, Khaled approaches advocacy from multiple angles.

He recently partnered with famed vegan chef Matthew Kenney to launch a special vegan menu at Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel, joined the board of an environmental foundation, and appeared at  The Future Of Food: Tech’s Menu For Sustainability – a special event presented by WeWork.

Emily Court

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