Reading Time: < 1 minute Khaled has invested in a number of animal-friendly initiatives
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Prince and PBN Co-owner Khaled Bin Alwaleed has partnered with National Geographic
Encounters to open a number of facilities for virtual sea life experiences throughout Saudi Arabia.


The ten
planned locations – branded Ocean Odyssey – will serve as modern alternatives to the inhumane practices associated with traditional aquariums.

facility will allow guests to have close encounters with ultra-realistic
digital replicas of dozens of species of sea life.

The existing National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey location in New York features such attractions as its 3D, true-to-life coral reef reconstructions made using more than 1,300 photos
as reference – and was described by Spectrum News’ New York One as ‘amazing’, while Fox News said ‘it left us speechless’.

“When I first visited National Geographic Encounter and saw that the
experience brings people around the globe into the natural world of wildlife, I
knew that this was the future.”


A vocal
animal advocate, Khaled translates his passion into business – making investments
motivated by his personal ethics.

year, he wrote PBN and said: “I have been born into a situation that gives
me the capacity to make a significant positive influence in the world.”

he intends to do just that – with his ultimate goal being an end to factory

Khaled has invested in a number of companies motivated be environmental concerns and animal rights, including PBN, lab-meat
company Memphis Meats, and plant-based food giant JUST – formerly known as
Hampton Creek.


CEO of the Saudi General Entertainment
Faisal Baraft said: “We are excited to bring this iconic brand and immersive
experience into Saudi Arabia and provide premium entertainment in our country.”

The first virtual experience destination is set to
open in the nations capital, Riyadh, in 2019.

Emily Court

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