Reading Time: < 1 minute Tony Horton is a fitness entrepreneur, as well as motivational speaker and author (Photo: Tony Horton)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Yet another high-profile sporting figure is trying out a plant-based diet – this time it is P90X fitness series creator Tony Horton.

Horton, who is also a motivational speaker and author, has curated a number of intense health programmes including Ten Minute Trainer, and 22 Minute Hard Corps.

He has promoted the importance of good nutrition for many years – and now he has announced he is experimenting with a plant-based diet.


Horton made the announcement via Instagram Stories, saying: “I’m in the midst of a little vegan experiment. So far so good. I feel amazing!”

While he initially intended for the experiment to be a two-week stint, he has now extended it indefinitely.

He added that the transition to a vegan diet has been made easier by supplementing with vegan protein powder from Shakeology.


This new approach signals a change in direction for Horton, who wrote about vegan and raw diets on his blog in 2008.

He wrote: “Strict vegan and raw-food-only diets have gained popularity in recent years for both health-based and ethical reasons.

“While there are many health benefits that can be achieved from switching to a vegan or raw food diet for a period of time, there is a strong likelihood that people who remain on a strictly vegan or raw food diet for more than a period of two years can potentially suffer some serious health consequences.”


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