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An athlete who’s been described as an ‘outspoken’ vegan advocate has scooped a silver medal at the Junior Olympics.

Racquetball player Cody Elkins – a former World Champion – is 14 and entered the 14 and under category, but he also entered into the 16 and under competition when his doubles partner withdrew.

He ended up taking the silver medal in the older category and bronze in the younger.


“It was difficult to a certain extent,” Elkins told Great Vegan Athletes, “because the hours you put in before determine how you do in the early rounds.

“What went well was I came in with a very good strategy each match.”

The final was very difficult and despite leading early on, five days of competitive matches – partly against older boys – took its toll.

Vegan power

In 2015, Elkins won the World Indoor Championships (10 and under) and in 2017 he won the World Outdoor title in two categories.

All his achievements have been as a vegan; he turned vegan aged two and has been outspoken in support of veganism as a young man.

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