Reading Time: 2 minutes Derrick Morgan inspired his teammates to go plant-based (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

NFL players for the Tennessee Titans got together for a vegan Thanksgiving meal recently – after being inspired to ditch animal products.

In what is being described as the ‘Titans’ vegan movement’, around 11 of the team’s players have gone at least partly plant-based, inspired by Derrick Morgan’s lead.

Linebacker Morgan went plant-based 10 months ago, accompanied by wife Charity, who retrained as a vegan chef.

It was Charity’s cooking, as she did meal prep for her husband, that started to inspire the other players.

Tasty and convenient

According to writer Cameron Woolfe: “One by one, Titans players spotted Morgan’s lunches and asked to be put on the meal plan. 

“A few, such as DeMarco Murray, enjoy the convenience of a ready-made, healthy and tasty post-practice meal delivered to the Titans’ facility. 

“Many more, including Morgan, Woodyard and Casey, are all in.”


According to Charity: “If you want them to play like warriors, we must feed them like it.

“To hear [player Wesley Woodyard] tell me he feels like a 20-year-old on the field and he’s 30, it’s amazing.”

Reports say the players believe they play better, recover more quickly, and control their weight more easily following this plant-based plan.


The players showed their commitment to the plant-based lifestyle at Thanksgiving.

The Morgans hosted a holiday celebration with a number of players and their partners.

In a video shared on Twitter, Morgan talks about hosting his ‘very first vegan Thanksgiving’ – and shows off some of the delicious looking food with Tofurky, mashed potatoes, and truffle cream corn just some of the dishes on offer.

As Derrick Morgan said: “It’s not a real sacrifice as far as flavor goes.”


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