Reading Time: < 1 minute The restaurant is in New York's legendary Hell's Kitchen (Photo: Vincent Desjardins)
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A brand new vegan restaurant in New York will be donating all of its profits to charity.

The eatery, P.S. Kitchen, at 246 W. 48th St in Hell’s Kitchen, opened yesterday.

Co-owner Craig Cochran, who also owns vegan fast casual chain Terri, said: “This has been three and a half years in the making.

“The concept came from a friend of mine who is a philanthropist. She thought it would be fun to have a bar/lounge where all profits would be donated to charity.”


According to the business, it has a strong mission statement: “We commit our energy, passion, and time to giving others a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’. 

“Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by connecting resources to vulnerable communities, providing tools necessary for self-sustainability, and building meaningful relationships with our neighbors, near and far.

“That makes a social business. That makes P.S.”

P.S. Kitchen seats 32, with an additional nine spaces at the bar. It is housed in a 100 year old building with what has been described as ‘modern’ decor – with exposed brick and marble.


The menu, which includes fennel tartine and Buffalo Hen of the Wood mushrooms in the style of buffalo wings, was created by chef Gary Barawidan.

The venue has a number of charity partners, including The Doe Fund, CEEDS (Cooperative for Economic Empowerment and Development Services), Share Hope, Defy Ventures and Yunus Social Business.


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