Reading Time: < 1 minute Plant-based ice cream is just as tasty as its dairy-laden counterpart
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Vegan ice cream is entering a ‘golden age’ – according to a feature in the hugely popular New York Times.

According to writer Melissa Clark: “The past few years have been a glorious time for vegans and others who stay forgo dairy.

“And as the demand for nondairy explodes, so does the number of products on the market, including a slew of brand-new nondairy ice creams, yogurts and cheeses, along with the various nut and plant milks used to make them.

“And even better, many of these new products actually taste great, which is a boon whether you strictly avoid dairy at all costs, or just want to expand your creamy horizons.”


According to the report, sales of all non-dairy products are on the rise, and traditional dairy products are seeing a decline.

The piece quoted Mark Van Buskirk, Group Vice President for Grocery Merchandising at Albertsons Companies, who said: “The growth in nut milks in particular has been exponential compared to regular dairy.”

He added that nut milk products are increasing in popularity and soy-based ones are seeing a dip in sales.

All about flavor

According to one of the sources in the article – Nicholas Morgenstern, the founder of Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the thing people care most about is taste.

He said: “These days, people don’t care whether it’s vegan or not.

“They are attracted to the flavor profile. Then when they taste it, they see that it can be just as good, or maybe even better than regular ice cream.”


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