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A new short film highlights the ‘frustration and will to keep living’ experienced by animals on their journey to the slaughterhouse.

Dublin Saleyards, directed and produced by Kelly Guerin, shows pigs at the Dublin Saleyards outside of Adelaide in Australia.

It is part of the We Animals project, which ‘tells the stories of animals in the human environment’.


According to the filmmakers: “Saleyards are a space between farm and slaughterhouse. 

“Pigs are bought and sold, stamped with ink, and pushed and prodded onto the next –– their final –– destination. 

“These spaces are often forgotten by society, just another channel for farm animals to move through. 

“Yet the animals here cling to life, seeking out my eyes, searching to understand what is happening to them, and what will come next.”

Lack of autonomy

The film showcases images of pigs in the saleyard, screaming, fighting – and waiting.

The narrator says: “This is what strikes me time and time again with animals raised for food – their complete lack of autonomy.

“They are asking all the questions, and we have all the answers.”

You canwatch the film here


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