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Streaming service Netflix has been awarded PETA’s award for 2017 Company of the Year.

The animal rights charity picked Netflix because it has created and aired films that ‘expose the abuse of animals in marine parks, circuses, and the meat and dairy industries, making them widely available to millions of viewers in the comfort of their homes’.


A spokesperson said: “PETA is recognizing Netflix for offering eco-friendly, pro-vegan films – including CowspiracyWhat the HealthForks Over Knives, and Okjaas well as for hard-hitting documentaries about animals used for entertainment, such as Blackfish and Tyke Elephant Outlaw

“These must-sees have inspired people to go vegan and to stop supporting businesses that force animals to perform—all because Netflix provides a platform for truthful storytelling.”

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‘Honest and humane’

PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk, added: “Netflix is PETA’s Company of the Year for its arsenal of honest and humane films and documentaries that open people’s eyes to who animals are, how our actions affect their lives, and how killing and eating them causes so much harm.

“This company is creating a kinder, more compassionate world by showing millions of viewers that animals are thinking, feeling beings just like us.”


PETA saw a huge increase in the demand for its vegan starter kits after Okja was released.

In addition, many people – including myriad athletes and celebrities, including Lewis Hamilton and Ne-Yo – went plant-based after seeing What the Health.

A spokesperson said: “SeaWorld’s stock value and attendance numbers have both continued to plummet since Blackfish was added to Netflix.

Past award winners include Beyond Meat, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok, Daiya, and Emulate.


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