Reading Time: < 1 minute The Warriors player has noticed a number of health benefits after he became plant-based (Photo: Instagram)
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Santa Cruz Warriors’ forward Cleanthony Early has credited a plant-based for his improved health and performance.

The NBA G League pro basketball player made the switch to an animal-free diet this summer – and he now ‘feels better than ever’.


“It’s been going good, I feel great,” the 26-year-old Bronx native told sports outlet Santa Cruz Sentinel.

“Part of it is just being disciplined and choosing to eat healthier things rather than things that are not healthy.”

Santa Cruz’s athletic trainer, Long Lam, has also commented on Early’s physique, saying he noticed his body feels much healthier than it did last season. 

“His mind and his body is feeling great right now since making the change,” Lam said.

The trainer also added that the athlete’s tissue and joints are more flexible, and that there’s less inflammation after practices and games.


Early said shunning animal products wasn’t difficult for him, as he was never a fan of pork or beef – but admitted he struggled with giving up milk and cheese.

The sportsman said he did some research around the vegan diet during the summer. He also connected with other people within the community, who advised him on the new diet.

“Doing my research is literarily part of being influenced by other people as far as being introduced by certain things and certain people,” Early said.


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