NBA Athlete Wilson Chandler: ‘Eating Vegan Has Changed My Everyday Living’


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The NBA Nuggets player has turned to a vegan diet to improve his health (Photo: Wilson Chandler Instagram) - Media Credit:

Denver Nuggets’ star Wilson Chandler has spoken out about his plant-based diet, revealing that it’s ‘changed [his] everyday living’.

Talking to media outlet Highsnobiety, the NBA basketball player has said that health complications and injuries have led him to a vegan diet.

Chandler credited his plant-based diet for an overall improved quality of life.


The sportsman went plant-based in a bid to improve his health.

He said: “I had multiple injuries and surgeries. 

“Then additional complications: stamina level, inflammation, stuff with my stomach, overall mood, how my body was feeling and working.”

Chandler went on to say how much have plant foods improved his life.

“Eating a vegan diet has changed my everyday living. I sleep better, I wake up in a better mood, I recover faster, I’m not so inflamed, not so achey,” he says.

“I feel better overall, in everything that I do. I can take in more information easier. My mind is just open.”

Daily meal plan

Chandler usually has protein pancakes with vegan butter and protein powder in the morning, followed by fruit. He also switches that up with water and celery juice to cleanse his body.

For lunch, the sportsman eats vegan tacos topped with vegetables and cilantro. As a snack, he has a protein shake, followed by a hearty dinner of a veggie burger and sautéed veggies.

He added: “Throughout the day, I drink water; I also drink a lot of cranberry juice. Then most nights before I go sleep I try to drink a protein shake and some tart cherry juice for recovery.”

Chandler also mentioned he dabbles in natural herbs. He uses supplements based on Chinese medicine, from a company called Dragon Herbs.


The NBA player, who is also into meditation and spirituality, uses plant-based food as a means to help heal his injuries and inflammation, and prolong his career.

The athlete also told the publication about his realization that ‘the animals that we eat get their protein from plants. So we’re eating the protein that they’re eating from the plants.”

He has also admitted that the hardest part of eating vegan is traveling.

“It’s the toughest thing, actually,” he says. “But apps like Happy Cow and PostMates make it a lot easier to find vegan spots on the road.”


The professional sportsman disclosed he received backlash when, as a ‘vegan’, he went fishing.

“I think I’m going to stop saying ‘vegan’ and start saying ‘plant-based diet’ instead. Vegan is a little bit extreme.”


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