'Mr. Broccoli' Reveals Identity After Angering Piers Morgan During Interview

‘Mr. Broccoli’ Reveals Identity After Angering Piers Morgan During Interview


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Piers Morgan took on Mr. Broccoli (Photo: ITV) - Media Credit:
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An anonymous environmental activist known only as ‘Mr. Broccoli’ has revealed his true identity.

Roland Everson, 46, a carpenter and business owner from Bristol, shot to fame after being interviewed by Piers Morgan and Suzanna Reid on TV show Good Morning Britain.

During the segment, Everson – an activist with Extinction Rebellion sister group Animal Rebellion – angered Morgan by refusing to answer questions and instead pretending to take a phone call on a banana.

‘Mr. Broccoli doesn’t have the answers’

Now, in an interview with The Standard, Everson has revealed that the performance was a ‘a planned protest to highlight the bad faith questioning of Piers Morgan and his complicity in undermining climate activists and the Extinction Rebellion movement’.

“Mr. Broccoli is a tool to show how ridiculous the showcasing of this issue is. The media should be interviewing scientists, rather than giving time to broccoli. Mr. Broccoli doesn’t have the answers,” Everson told The Standard.

“The high risk, high visibility protest was part of Animal Rebellion’s campaign to challenge the media to tell the truth about the climate emergency. Earlier in the campaign, Extinction Rebellion had targeted the BBC for their silence on the climate emergency.”

‘Media is complicit’

Dan Kidby, co-founder and a spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, added: “The media is complicit in the crisis we find ourselves in. Piers Morgan could have interviewed scientists. But they wanted a broccoli instead.

“We will take Morgan seriously when he takes the climate emergency seriously. The mainstream media has a challenge in front of it. Some publications are accepting we need radical action on climate breakdown.

“But others are not. Do you continue to shy away from the hard decisions that need to be made if we are going to survive this mess? Or do you tell the truth to protect this planet and future generations?”

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