Reading Time: < 1 minute Musician Moby supports the proposals (Photo: Uncensored Interview)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Musician Moby is supporting a campaign to ensure all shelter dogs in Los Angeles are fed a vegan diet.

The city is currently home to 33,000 shelter dogs who are currently fed ‘kibble’ – made from animals including chicken and lamb.

A proposal to switch this to a plant-based diet has been put to the Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners, which will be making a decision soon on whether to implement.


Moby, who testified at the board’s meeting last month, said: “If we adopt this, it’s one more thing that proves to the world that Los Angeles really is the progressive capital.”

Hollywood screenwriter Roger Wolfson, who proposed the idea, cited the heavy environmental impact of the meat industry.

He added: “We have to embrace the fact that the raising and killing of animals for food purposes must only be done if we have absolutely no other choice.

“This is about the long-term survival of every man, woman and child in this room, and all of the people in our lives.”


Not everyone supports the proposals: the city’s chief veterinarian, Jeremy Prupas, has suggested the commission reject the idea on nutritional grounds.

He said: “We recognize that individual, privately owned dogs can do well on a wide variety of diets (Commercial, Vegetarian, Organic, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Raw, and Vegan). Prupas wrote in his report. 

“However, that is quite a different population than the group of dogs we encounter daily in our animal shelters.”

A decision is due to be made soon.


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