Reading Time: 2 minutes The cheese has received mixed reactions (Photo: Instagram Alternative Stores)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Online news giant Metro UK has published a review of Violife’s new vegan ‘halloumi cheese’.

According to the review: “Even if you’re transitioning from veggie, it can be hard if you’ve been a lifelong member of the Halloumi Society.

“In fact, halloumi is very high up on the list of things that people reckon would be their vegan downfall.

“So vegans in the UK were beyond excited when Violife announced they were bringing out a vegan halloumi as part of their big rebrand (more on that later) – or ‘Mediterranean style block’, as they’ve called it.”

The good

The cheese has had a great reception with some vegans online. Prominent blogger London Afro Vegan wrote on Instagram: “I love that a little goes a long way, and adds a nice dimension to the meal. 

“Grilled the cheese, then made a dressing and chucked alfalfa sprouts, tri-coloured tomatoes, corriander, purple spring onions, baby cucumbers, avocado, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, chillis, and loads of other bits. 

“It’s the business even if the rugrat is unimpressed with the abundance of chillies I threw in it [sic].”

The bad

So what did the Metro make of the product?

According to writer Lisa Bowman: “Prominent Insta-vegans were absolutely frothing over it, and I thought, ‘My god. Finally. The one thing I’ve been missing since I gave up animal products.’

“So I got myself a block, and settled down for some quality time with my frying pan. And guess what, dear reader?

“The Instagram vegans were lying.

“I wanted to believe them, I really did, because – get this – not a single person had called out the vegan halloumi for what it really is. 

“It’s trash.”


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