Vegan NBA Star Kyrie Irving Bought A House For George Floyd’s Family

'Kyrie Irving bought them a house. Lil Wayne's manager bought them a Mercedes-Benz [and] Barbra Streisand gave them stock in Disney'


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Vegan NBA star Kyrie Irving The star regularly uses his platform to speak out against instances of police brutality - Media Credit: Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vegan NBA star Kyrie Irving has bought a house for George Floyd’s family, according to former basketball player Stephen Jackson. 

The ex-professional made the announcement on the latest episode of The Rematch podcast, hosted by Etan Thomas. 

Speaking about the celebrities who have offered Floyd’s family help, after he was tragically by police killed last year, Jackson said: “Kyrie Irving bought them a house. Lil Wayne’s manager bought them a Mercedes-Benz [and] Barbra Streisand gave them stock in Disney.”

Reports also say that Irving gave the family the money for the house around five-six months ago. Irving has yet to comment on the news. However, he regularly uses his platform to call out instances of police brutality, such as the death of Breonna Taylor.

Black Lives Matter

The death of Floyd sparked worldwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. Vegan F1 champ Lewis Hamilton was one of many celebrities to speak out about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

He wrote on Instagram: “This past week has been so dark. I’ve failed to keep hold of my emotions. I have felt so much anger, sadness, and disbelief in what my eyes have seen…

“The injustice that we are seeing our brothers and sisters face all over the world time and time again is disgusting, and MUST stop.

“So many people seem surprised, but to us unfortunately, it is not surprising. Those of us who are black, brown, or in between, see it every day and should not have to feel as though we were born guilty, don’t belong, or fear for our lives based on the color of our skin. 

“Will Smith said it best: racism is not getting worse, it’s being filmed. Only now the world is so well equipped with cameras has this issue been able to come to light in such a big way.”

“It is only when there are riots and screams for justice that the powers that be cave in and do something, but by then it is far too late and not enough has been done.”

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