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Reading Time: 2 minutes

A British vegan documentary exposing the horror of a factory pig farm – HOGWOOD: a modern horror story – has won multiple awards.

Animal protection charity Viva! produced the documentary which, ‘tells the disturbing tale of Hogwood Farm and how it came to be one of the most infamous pig farms in the UK’.

It is presented by Jerome Flynn, Game of Thrones actor and vegan activist, and directed by Tony Wardle.

Hogwood festivals

The film – which had already won the Wild Animal award at the prestigious British Documentary Film Festival – has now scooped the Best Documentary Award at the Liverpool Underground Film Festival.

Its full list of awards and official selections include The British Documentary Film Festival, The International Vegan Film Festival, The Latitude Film Awards, The Edinburgh Film Festival, The London City Film Awards, The London Independent Film Awards, and The Liverpool Underground Film Festival.

‘A hornet that stings’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Richard Weston, Liverpool Underground Film Festival Director said: “To paraphrase Werner Herzog, a filmmaker must not be a fly on the wall, but a hornet that stings. 

“Hogwood uncovers some brutal truths of animal farming. It is as harrowing as it is vital.”

Hogwood: ‘A disturbing topic’

Brian Lewis, the British Documentary Film Festival Coordinator, added:

“HOGWOOD handled an incredibly disturbing topic very well. It left a lasting impact on our judges and certainly changed some of our staff’s food habits as a result. 

“We would urge everyone to educate themselves on factory farming and start by watching HOGWOOD.”

Best documentary

Tony Wardle, Director of HOGWOOD and Associate Director of Viva! said: “I am thrilled that HOGWOOD has been awarded the Best Documentary Award at the Liverpool Underground Film Festival. 

“This film encapsulates so much about Viva! – I am proud of our brilliant investigations team that consistently brings together powerful footage and of our director, Juliet [Gellatley], who infuses her own passion into the horror. 

“HOGWOOD is more than just a film – it exposes the modern horror stories taking place each day, hidden away in the idyllic British countryside. The public has a right to see what goes on behind the factory farm walls.”

Hogwood is available to stream on Amazon Prime VideoApple TV and Google Play Movies for just £2.49. It is FREE for Amazon Prime subscribers. HOGWOOD is available to stream in over 60 countries.

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