Reading Time: 2 minutes The hard-hitting advert makes people think about the implications of eating meat
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A vegan food entrepreneur has major plans to air an advert during a UK TV prime time slot in a bid to reach as many people as possible.

Tom Bursnall, the founder of Miami Burger – which makes a range of plant-based products – is currently raising money to pay for the slot via a crowdfunder.

Vegan advert

Bursnall told Plant Based News he was inspired by the recent success of an advert by the Israeli group Vegan Friendly – an international non-profit organization that seeks to end animal suffering and tackle the climate crisis by promoting plant-based food.

He now wants people in the UK to see an adapted version of the commercial. He has plans to try and air it during January or February this year.

Vegan Friendly advert

As first reported by PBN, the original ad by Vegan Friendly reached a staggering third of the country’s population. It did this by airing during the break of a hugely popular TV show.

The commercial shows a couple shopping in a supermarket. They want to buy lamb meat but forgo the fridge in favor of getting ‘extra fresh’ meat from the butcher’s counter.

After emphasizing how fresh they want the meat to be, the couple is handed a living lamb. Holding the baby animal, the woman is shocked, as the commercial ends with the message ‘make the connection’.

 ‘A huge impact’

Bursnall told PBN: “After seeing the success of the Israeli Vegan Friendly advert I wanted to bring something like this to the UK for people to view it on prime time TV.

“Prime time advert slots are super expensive but can make a huge impact. For me, it will help evoke mass awareness. Awareness that animals are not products but innocent living beings with no voice and no way to defend themselves. I want to help to create the ‘trigger’ many people need to make the connection.”


He added that he is funding most of the campaign personally. But, he said, ‘the more money raised from the crowdfunder the bigger the impact will be’. This is because he will be able to buy better prime time slots across multiple channels’.

“I am investing enough funds to ensure an adapted version of this advert will go on UK TV regardless of how much is crowd raised. The crowdfunder money is there to make its impact bigger, across more channels and on super-prime ad slots,” the crowdfunder says.

‘Awaken people’

“I want everyone who watches TV, Video on Demand, and YouTube to see this advert,” Bursnall added. “The aim is to help awaken millions of people from the cognitive dissonance slumber we humans have regretfully found ourselves in.  

“This is one of many adverts I would like to run/fund over the coming years. [I want] each one to be more thought-provoking and more impactful than the last. 

“The hurdles we have had to jump through with the UK TV regulator on this advert alone tells me we have some major in-built cultural obstacles against promoting compassion towards animals,” he concluded. “But I will stop at nothing to get these stirring videos in front of millions of people.”

You can find out more about the crowdfunder here

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