Earthling Ed Blasts ‘Inadequate’ Pro-Meat TV Ad For ‘Defying’ Science

The vegan advocate has recreated a 'honest' version of AHDB's Eat Balanced Campaign - which describes meat and dairy as 'essential'


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Earthling Ed blasts pro-meat tv ad The vegan advocate has created an 'honest' remake of the ad - Media Credit: Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed has slammed a pro-meat TV advert for ‘defying science’. 

The vegan advocate criticized the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) over its We Eat Balanced campaign.

The campaign, which costs £1.5 million, consists of an advert currently running on UK TV. It aims to showcase the UK’s world-class standards in food production and sustainability. There are three different endings featuring dishes using beef, lamb, and pork. All of which include a dairy accompaniment.

The original ad has received hundreds of ‘dislikes’ on YouTube

Speaking about the campaign, AHDB’s Head of Marketing Liam Byrne said: “The nation needs a bit of a lift as it’s been a tough time for everyone. So, now more than ever we wanted to create a campaign that feels uplifting and reassuring for consumers who are increasingly being told by the media to reduce their meat and dairy consumption. 

“As such this is also a very important campaign for our levy payers as it tells the real story of food and farming from Britain.”

‘Eat plant-based’

Earthling Ed has slammed AHDB’s ad

As a result, Ed has created an ‘honest’ remake of the advert – encouraging people to eat plant-based. 

“We’ve all got a lot on our plates right now,” the ad-remake states.”But here’s something you don’t want to ignore. 

“The story of a food so unethical it takes the life on an animal, destroys the environment we humans rely on, and then in return creates something terrible. A product containing cholesterol and saturated fat that can cause disease: meat and dairy.

“It’s time to change the food we eat. Eat plant-based.”

‘Woefully inadequate’

Speaking about the pro-meat ad on Instagram, Ed wrote: “Imagine pushing meat and dairy consumption during a pandemic and a climate emergency, when leading infectious disease experts and climate scientists keep warning us about the major role that animal farming has in creating future pandemics, and in destroying the planet.

“This is in no way acceptable. Not to mention that the advert itself is a woefully inadequate and poorly executed response to the success of Veganuary. 

“I decided that if AHDB is going to put up an advert that defies the science and perpetuates the needless suffering of animals, then it’s only fair that I remake their advertisement to show the reality behind these industries.

“I’ve also paid for it to be advertised to as many people as possible on YouTube, at least that way hopefully many of the people who have seen the AHDB advert, will also see this one as well.”

‘Quit meat and dairy’

Yesterday, Plant Based News released its remake of the advert, which describes meat and dairy as ‘essential’. 

“We’ve all got a lot on our plates right now but here’s something you’ll want to make room for,” the new ad states.

‘Eat plant-based’

“The story of a food so brutal it steals calves from their mothers and the flesh of creatures we humans incarcerate. Then, markets it as something edible. 

“The nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy exists in plants. Quit meat and dairy. Enjoy food without victims. Eat plant-based.”

‘Absolutely outraged’

PBN’s co-founder Robbie Lockie, who produced the new ad, says he was ‘absolutely outraged’ by the claims AHDB made. 

“We’re in the midst of a climate crisis,” Lockie said. “It’s absolutely essential we cut our consumption of meat and dairy. 

“However, the makers of the original ad claim they wanted to help people feel good. Because the media is ‘always trying to get people to eat less meat and dairy’. This is not only incredibly irresponsible, it denies the fact that animal agriculture is a leading driver for climate change.”

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