Meat-Eaters Urged To Watch Natalie Portman’s Documentary ‘Eating Animals’


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Natalie Portman was inspired to become vegan after reading Jonathan Safran Foer's memoir, Eating Animals (Photo: John Steven Fernandez) - Media Credit:

News organization The Wrap has praised new documentary Eating Animals, saying that ‘it may be the most important documentary that screened this year at the Telluride Film Festival’.

The article, written by Sasha Stone, gives the documentary an overall positive review, acclaiming it for not being a ‘preachy, militant vegan’ film.

The documentary was produced and narrated by outspoken vegan actor Natalie Portman, and was based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s memoir, Eating Animals.


Despite it being an important film, the writer believes it would be difficult to get Americans to watch it.

She argues that people don’t want to know where their food comes from, blocking out the details of the slaughtering process.

Stone goes on to attribute the death of billions of animals to humans’ ignorance: “As a result, billions of animals take that bottom rung because we’re all so busy just trying to get through our own lives.”

Journalist Stone highlights that the documentary gives ‘an affectionate and thoughtful examination of traditions that helped build [America] in the early days: actual farms with actual farmers raising livestock naturally’.


The film makes a case that the animal agriculture industries are the villain, explains Stone. But the feature film also encourages incremental changes that meat-eaters can accept.

The Wrap writer pens that Eating Animals is ‘essential’, in that it paints a ‘realistically imaginable future’.

“If we want to eat meat, watching ‘Eating Animals’ to understand its full cost is the least we can do.”


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