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Cook Vegan magazine has rebranded as ‘PlantBased‘ in a bid to reflect the rapidly-growing interest in diet and health.

The Prime Impact title, which launched under its original guise in 2016, is available on shop shelves now.


According to a spokesperson for Prime Impact: “Unlike the terms vegetarian and vegan, which are defined by what they exclude, a plant-based diet is defined by what it includes. 

“PlantBased magazine will look at why simply eating more plants is one of the most important health interventions everyone can make, and the monthly magazine will provide a no-nonsense source of information and inspiration.”


The magazine will feature a range of content – including columns by plant-based physician Dr. Michael Greger and celebrity Heather Mills.

In addition, an in-house chef will develop original recipes in the company’s kitchen facility.

The title will also be backed up by an annual event at Excel in London, planned for September 2018.


The spokesperson added: “We’ve had a fantastic response to the launch of PlantBased magazine so far. 

“It is clear from the feedback that we’re receiving that our customers are excited to find a magazine that has unique recipes and exclusive content. 

“The food revolution has only just begun and we want to continue showing how tasty and beneficial plant based eating can be.”


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