Reading Time: 2 minutes The piece suggests that the rise of veganism is contributing the changing ideas about 'man food' (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The tide may be turning on the idea that meat is ‘man food’, according to a recent article by Men’s Health magazine.

The piece, titled We Need to Get Over the Idea of ‘Man Food’, says ‘the red-blooded man has long worn questionable eating habits as a badge of honor. But, with veganism on the rise, is the tide turning at last?’.

It looks at the food assumptions we make culturally – for example, ‘man food conjures pies, steaks, burgers, fast food, greasy spoons, kebab shops, chicken shops, curry houses, beer, whisky, full-sugar Coke’ and ‘female foods’ include salad, yogurt, quinoa, muesli, and Diet Coke – and questions them.

The Game Changers

The piece suggests that the rise of veganism is contributing the changing ideas about ‘man food’, citing highly-acclaimed documentary The Game Changers as a major influence.

It mentions one of the film’s executive producers – and quintessential muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger – saying ‘if you don’t think that real men eat quinoa, Wilks’ fanboys – who now include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren and Mike Tyson – might like a quiet word with you’.

The piece adds: “In The Game Changers, Wilks is not only keen to destroy the idea that meat is man food – he hopes to go one step further and create a new type of man food. ‘Everyone should be on this diet’, he tells me.”


Sharing the piece via Instagram, The Game Changers team described it as ‘thought-provoking’, and shared a quote from the article which describes James Wilks as ‘[pummeling] the idea that ‘real men’ eat meat into a whimpering heap’.

However, the team also notes: “The final section [of the article] also contains factual errors, like that the Roman gladiators were fed the cheapest possible diet (a myth we address in The Game Changers), and features questionable advice from a ‘food engineer’ at a male fertility company that sells, amongst other things, animal-based supplements.

“Barring these bits, the article is a great read and a strong sign that The Game Changers continues to make waves around the world.”

Maria Chiorando

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