'Meat Loving' Reporter Goes Plant-Based For A Month: Find Out What Happened

‘Meat Loving’ Reporter Goes Plant-Based For A Month: Find Out What Happened


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There are many benefits to following a plant-based diet - Media Credit:
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A self-described ‘meat lover’ decided to ditch all animal products for a month after watching vegan documentary What the Health – and he was shocked by the results.

Wales Online reporter Aled Blake called the challenge ‘a difficult test for someone who’s always devoured meat, eggs and all kinds of dairy with carnivorous enthusiasm’.

He adds that he worried about being hungry – and getting enough protein.

What the Health

Blake wrote: “We’d sat down in front of Netflix’s What The Health (admittedly as loaded and subjective a piece of filmmaking as you’re likely to watch).

“My wife, who’s been slowly giving up meat and dairy for months, had urged me to watch.

“In the fog of propaganda, there were – seemingly – some compelling messages about the effect of meat, animal fats, and dairy on our health.”


Blake saw positive results from his plant-based experiment within a week, claiming that ‘a patch of eczema had cleared up from behind [his] ear’ very quickly.

Over the next couple of weeks, he reported higher energy levels and weight loss of 8lb, as well as the urge to go out running.

He wrote: “In those terms, veganism’s been fairly miraculous.”


The experiment even made Blake think about animal abuse, writing: “The daily deaths of millions of animals, their short lives lived in the unnatural habitat of hangar-like barns, is worth it if it means humanity survives.

“I started to consider the ethics of dairy farming – the removal of calves from their mothers and their subsequent slaughter, the forced pregnancies, the intrusive operation of extracting milk, the antibiotics, the polluting effects of all that cow dung and the effect on climate change from their collective and prolific farts.

“I guess these are things we all know about, but dismiss, because we love cheese and butter so much. Is it any wonder – they’re delicious!

“But is it natural? Marketing has done its job to make us believe that.”

Moving on

The reporter writes that he won’t be returning dairy or meat to his diet, with the caveat that he will eat fish.

Blake concludes: “It’s taken 38 years for me to try this most fashionable of trends – veganism has risen in Britain by 360 per cent in the last decade and it’s probably never been easier.

“And I feel like I’m giving myself the best chance of seeing at least another 38 years happily and healthily if I stick to it.”


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