Reading Time: < 1 minute Virginia Gardner's character Karolina Dean is now gracing the screens of Hulu (Photo: Hulu)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Marvel’s new TV series, Runaways, debuted on Hulu yesterday – and it featured the addition of a vegan LGBTQ+ character.

Karolina Dean, a superhero seen on screen for the first time yesterday, has been described as the ‘bright and bubbly hippie daughter of vegan actors and Hollywood socialites’.

The teenage superhero, who is also known as Lucy in the Sky or L.S.D., has been dubbed a vegan and peace keeper – as well as a protestor.


The queer character was first introduced in the Marvel comic books back in 2003 – and is now played by 22-year-old actor Virginia Gardner.

But Dean has now made her way back into the comics too; in a synchronized launch of the TV show, Marvel has brought the Runaways comic back.

There are also rumors that blockbuster Deadpool will also be featuring a vegan superhero in its second installation set to release next year.


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