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A major new British film and TV studio – which has been described as a ‘mini Disney‘ has been urged to only serve vegan food in a bid to be more eco-friendly.

The studio, created by Rebellion Productions – the media company behind the Judge Dredd franchise – is in Didcot, Oxfordshire at the site of the former Daily Mail printing facility. It will reportedly create up to 500 jobs over the next few years.

With the facility poised to open, animal rights charity PETA has contacted CEO Jason Kingsley a letter, asking him to ‘help prevent a real-life dystopian future [as seen in the Judge Dredd movies] by ensuring that only vegan food is served there’.

Vegan to save the environment

“As you know, in Judge Dredd’s fictional world, the Earth has been devastated environmentally,” writes PETA, which says that each person who goes vegan spares the lives of nearly 200 animals per year.

“To survive, inhabitants of Mega-City One live off ‘munce’, a high-protein plant that fulfills all their dietary needs. Likewise, vegan eating is the solution to avoiding environmental devastation on our Earth.”

The charity adds: “Animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change and causes deforestation, drought, desertification, and the devastation of ecosystems.

“If everyone switched from consuming cows to eating soy, we could harvest the same amount of protein using 97 percent less land while also slashing global greenhouse-gas emissions.”

The studio is yet to respond.

Maria Chiorando

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