‘Made In Chelsea’ Star Lucy Watson Links Coronavirus Lockdown To Factory Farming


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Watson regularly speaks out about animal-cruelty  - Media Credit: (Photos: Adobe. Do not use without permission & Lucy Watson)

Made In Chelsea star and vegan entrepreneur Lucy Watson has linked the coronavirus (COVID 19) lockdown to factory farming.

The celeb, who regularly uses her platform to advocate for animals, made the comparison on Twitter to more than 842,000 followers.

‘Unable to hardly move’

“If you think isolation is bad, think about the factory-farmed animals that spend their lives unable to hardly move,” the star wrote.

“Whales and dolphins that spend their lives in captivity… Think about ALL the animals that live in cages purely so they can be used by humans.”

‘None of them deserve this’

Watson also pointed out people’s cognitive dissonance for criticizing different cultures over which animals they eat.

“If you are shocked at China for eating bats… dogs… cats… how is it any different to you eating a pig or a cow? They’re all animals at the end of the day and none of them deserve this,” she added.

Responding to criticism that now ‘wasn’t the right time’ to challenge the animal agriculture industry, Watson said: “There are always people around the world suffering and there are always animals suffering, it’s never the ‘right time’.”

You can follow Lucy Watson on Twitter here

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