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London Irish Rugby star Darren Dawidiuk has switched to a plant-based diet in conjunction with chemotherapy to fight testicular cancer.

The 30-year-old athlete, who plays as a hooker, ‘immediately’ dropped all animal foods from his diet ‘to give [his] immune system all the nutrients it needs to help reduce and fight against the cancer cells in [his] body’.

According to Dawidiuk, his doctors haved encouraged him to stay on the vegan diet, after noticing the benefits.


The athlete told sports outlet Premiership Rugby that in between his chemotherapy sessions, he continues to train as well as focus on his newly-adopted diet.

“A lot of people’s bodies are in an acidic state, which is what cancer thrives on, and if you can reverse it to an alkaline state then your body is able to fight against the cancer naturally,” Dawidiuk claims.

“The doctors have already noticed the benefits of me being on a vegan diet and they are encouraging me to keep it up and continue with my training.

“By following this diet I feel much healthier and don’t feel as bloated, which is giving me the energy to train in the gym.”

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